Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The joke is on me!

Apologia - April 1st flew right by without me noticing! I had resolved to do a photo each day ... and I missed the first day! I was so busy yesterday (cleaning, errands, yada yada) that I completely missed the DATE!

Soooo, today will be a two-fer.

FUN - What do I do for fun? I CRAFT, I READ and I WATCH TV to relax.

CRAFT - My latest project is Mod Podged fabric. It started months ago when I decided to brighten up my checkbook. I used a fabric that looks good all on it's own, but I glued it with Mod Podge to the existing checkbook cover, added several layers of Mod Podge to the fabric and the colors positively POPPED. And it makes it water proof-ish and dirt proof-ish!

Fabric before Mod Podge:

Glammed-up checkbook (sorry about the shine ... can't help it if I'm so bright! HA!):

I'm currently working on (1) replacing my in-the-purse cosmetic bag with the same Mod Podged fabric (I'm Mod Podging before I sew it together), (2) as an accent on my iphone cover, and (3) I'm creating an in-the-purse "wastebasket" bag for gum wrappers etc. to keep my purse neater. And next I'll (4) add a sunglasses case to my list-o-things-to-do. When I'm finished with these projects (and have a perfectly coordinated purse interior), I'll show the results here. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe Thursday? Got stuff to do today and I have to wait for the Mod Podge to dry before I continue.

READ - On my iPod I've just started listening to WWW:Wake by Robert J. Sawyer ... very intriguing story line. This is great for traveling to and from town or while washing dishes or whatever. I listen to the book, the time flies by and the tasks get done. It's like ... magic!

On my kindle I'm reading Against the Wind ... a light romance novel by Kat Martin that I checked out of the local online library.

When I get to the sexy parts of any story I sort of flip, flip, flip till I'm past it. Let me just step on my soapbox and say this right here about current "literature" (not saying this about Kat specifically, just the genre in general ... genre in general ... say that three times!). I like good plots, sassy, funny characters and clever dialog, but I could do without the leaning toward soft porn. As Amelia Peabody used to say when she came to a love scene "et cetera, et cetera, et cetera."   See - no need to go into details. 'Nuff said.

WATCH TV - lately I've been going through the Agatha Christie's Poirot series via Amazon Prime instant video. It intrigues my "little grey cells" while I'm doing hand work ... like hemming DH's new dress pants or gathering teensy lace for teensy pillows.

Sometimes at night DH and I watch Blue Murder. Here's what I love about Amazon Prime instant video ... NO commercials! And I'm really enjoying quick "free" access to British mysteries.

Now on to today's topic ... JUMP.

The first thing that came to my mind when I thought about the word jump is my cat, Holly aka Little Princess Good Girl. We keep a wooden bowl of mixed nuts (in the shell) in the den. Then if we want a snack, we crack a few ... it slows down consumption to have to crack them before you eat them.

Holly loves walnuts. No, she doesn't eat them, she plays with them. She uses her little kitty paw to grab one from the bowl and then she starts wrestling with it, holding it between her paws and JUMPING around the den. It's so funny to see. And when she whacks it around on the floor, it rolls, but not the way a ball does. I think that makes it more interesting for her. As a result, we find walnuts hidden all over the house. HA!

I don't have a picture of Holly jumping, but here's a picture of her in all her tortoiseshell calico loveliness, resting in the cat nest I made for her recently from an old wool sweater.

I'll start thinking NOW about tomorrow's theme - IN MY CAR. Perhaps I should clean my car before I show it, huh?

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