Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seven Sisters

Today has been a really wonderful day. The sky is so blue, the grass is so green, the air is so clean, and my Seven Sisters roses are blooming. Don't they look lovely?

And look at the cluster of buds just waiting to burst out into the world.

Days like today make me think of my grandfather (we called him BaaBaa ... don't know how to spell it ... maybe BawBaw?). Handsome, wasn't he?

When I was about thirteen I spent a week in the summer alone with him . Alone. The word alone is important because being alone was rare -- duh we had 11 kids in our family (7 girls, 4 boys, hence the Seven Sisters roses). All that togetherness was usually a blessing, but sometimes being alone was a good thing, too.


When I stayed with BaaBaa that year it was the week of July 4th. I have some special memories - waking on the fourth to firecrackers exploding a few houses away, BaaBaa cooking "hobo" breakfast in one pan (potatoes, onions and eggs all scrambled together - yum), and, later in the week, baling hay. I didn't do any baling, I just rode along on the tractor while a few men (including BaaBaa) walked alongside and, using pitchforks, tossed the hay into the baler. The smell of the hay, the blue sky, the freshness of the air and the wonder of watching my grandfather in an activity sooo foreign to a city girl. It's an experience I cherish and will never forget.
And on beautiful days like today the memory is especially fresh and sweet..

What memory does this wonderful spring day bring to your mind?