Sunday, November 15, 2009

Goodwill ROCKS!

Yesterday DH and I did some serious shopping and got some really great deals. We're trying to get all our Christmas shopping done in November .... like that's ever happened before, but we keep trying!

We went to Steinmart early in the morning for their big sale and really scored some great gifts ... none of which I can mention here because I don't want spoil the surprise. Also we've been looking for some wool slacks to replace a pair in DH's wardrobe, but it's difficult to find quality slacks for under $50.00 a pair and we won't pay that much unless we MUST. As we were standing in line to check out our Christmas goodies, we noticed a closeout rack that had clothing including slacks. DH checked it out and .... there they were! The perfect wool slacks -- in his size! -- and marked down to $20.00. WOOHOO!

Then we went to Big Lots and loaded up on several smaller items for stocking stuffers ... like really pretty insulated travel mugs in the perfect colors (to match the cars) at 2 for $5.00 and wool socks at 3 pair for $5.00. Since my Andy is still in Colorado, I figure he'll appreciate the socks.

Then we went to Goodwill.

Since Lewisville is an affluent community, I was hoping for some really good finds and I was not disappointed. We got several smallish items (a Mikasa crystal candleholder, a Mikasa crystal clock and a beautiful hurricane candleholder) at really good prices. All will make great additions to gift baskets. Also, we found a pair of Dockers jeans for $6.00 in perfect condition in exactly the right size. DH really needs to replace his work jeans ... those that I've patched several times ... so the Dockers will be a perfect replacement.

NOTE: Lest you think we're poor ... or cheap ... we're not. We're unabashedly frugal. DH and I choose to live WELL on as small a budget as possible. We may drink champagne frequently, but it's not Dom Perignon. As a result, we can afford to drink champagne frequently. Nuff said.

Back to our Goodwill adventure, the really big score came (again) as we were about to leave the store. I noticed several large boxes (containing entertainment centers, etc) and one of them had a steel shelving unit in it. I immediately thought of my pantry. Now my pantry is large and already contains shelving, but I really needed additional storage. The pantry upgrade is pretty low on the master TO DO list but, when I saw this shelving I knew this would be a great stop-gap. Heavy duty metal shelving like this is around $100.00 and we paid $20.00!!!!! STEAL!!

We put it together this afternoon and got it into the pantry. Okay, the fit is not perfect (it sticks out into the doorway a couple of inches) but I don't mind. When we finally get around to doing the pantry upgrade, we'll just move this out to the garage and it will work perfectly there. In the meantime, this is grrrrrreat!

So here are my pictures ... one showing the pantry through the door and the other just showing the shelving.

Is it pitiful to be so happy about getting an organized pantry????
Maybe so, but I am sooooooo excited about being able to get some of my occasional-use-appliances-and-paraphernalia out of the way.
I am one happy .... FRUGAL ... chick.