Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Checking in

I've been silent for almost a month, so I thought I'd check in. I was soooo busy during the Christmas season that I didn't post any of my December projects, so I thought I'd post a couple of them now. I know you're probably ready ... ready ... READY for Christmas to be long gone, but please bear with me.

This is a bracelet I made for a niece who lives in New York. I bought a silver "blank" bracelet from Michaels and added crystals in 3 colors and real pearls. I like it so much I may make something similar for myself. And for those who are familiar with the Walk to Emmaus, this would lend itself very well to a De Colores bracelet. The long links make the crystals move a lot. It's kind of flirty and fun.

I also made some "crystal" ornaments. I bought a box of big plastic crystals from Target and then used small real crystals and beads from my stash to finish it off. These really sparkle on the tree.

I used different colors, shapes and varied the lengths.

This last picture shows how eclectic my tree is. I made the snowman about 12 years ago. He looks really happy to be sitting next to a pretty crystal ornament.

Ginger, aka Number 6, wanted a picture of the appliances after installation. Although I still haven't done that, I did take a picture of Mark & Andy making buckeyes (recipe from Aunt Ginger many years ago) and rum cake in my new-ish kitchen. We still have several projects to go including (but not limited to) new counters and new flooring. Those projects are next on the list. My new appliances are like jewelry for my kitchen. HA!

I ran across these cookies here and just had to share them. I am SO on a diet right now, therefore I won't be making and/or eating any of these lovelies, but I really enjoy looking at them in all their melted snowman glory.

Now for the final update. I've been looking for MONTHS for new bedding for the master bedroom. DH and I have different tastes ... I tend toward slightly girly and he tends toward very masculine and tailored. Trying to find a compromise has been difficult, but we finally did it. Last weekend we checked out Tuesday Morning and found a Ralph Lauren set in the right colors and we both loved it. These pictures show my olive sheets folded back onto the comforter, but you get the idea.

Although it's floral, it's paired with a glen plaid in corresponding colors, which makes it please both of us.

Love, love, love having new bedding.