Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Challenge

Recently .... somewhere in blogland (sorry I can't remember where) ... I ran across a challenge to have a different dinner each day in August ... no repeat meals during the month. Since it's only August 3rd, I can still take the challenge. As a result, not only will my menus be more interesting (being under public scrutiny), but it will make me more conscious of healthy choices AND I'll make more frequent post entries. WIN WIN WIN

Sooooo ...... every few days I'll give you an update on the dinner scene and some pictures of what's going on in my life.


August 1st
Pecan crusted tilapia with sweet potato chipotle sauce
Baked sweet potato half with a teensy bit of butter
Rice "pilaf" (long grain, brown & wild rice with onion & capers)
Honey sunflower seed whole grain bread
Pears and cherries

The tilapia is Kroger brand in the freezer aisle and it's goooooood. The only sad thing about this dinner challenge is going another whole month without having this fish again. Ah, well! Life is full of compromises.

August 2nd
Chicken tortilla soup

This was a throw-together-soup made from the last of the rotisserie chicken, some homemade broth, black beans, garbanzos, corn, carrots, onion, red bell pepper, chipotle in adobo, cumin, salt and pepper. This is the first time I've used Fritos and I find they disintegrate pretty quickly in broth. Next time I'll go back to baked tortilla chips.

I've temporarily closed my busiest etsy shop till I can get myself back on track. The doctor put me on new meds and I've had a hard time getting used to them. They make me t-i-i-i-r-e-d. I hate tired. I really, really HATE tired. Whine whine whine, whimper ... okay, pity party is over now.

As a result of previously referred to (SIGH) tiredness, I've only been doing small projects. Small, really small projects so I can see some results and feel I've accomplished something.

I made a new "quilt" for the teeny bed. It doesn't really have stuffing in it -- it's just a fat velveteen-ish fabric on bottom and cotton batiste on top that's been "quilted". I thought a white quilt would create a good background for displaying various colored linens and rugs.

A new white crochet tablecloth for the teeny table.

A new bedside lamp. I found a tutorial at this site. http://schifka.vuodatus.net/page/oillamp (I used Google Translate to make sure I understood the directions, but it's pretty self explanatory.)
These are the bits and parts I used -- 2 beads, some jewelry findings and I made a tube of clear tape for the top glass part.

And this is the completed oil lamp. I think it's kinda cute.

Some time back, I made a needlepoint cover for this chair and painted matching floral accents on the back.

The bedskirt here is actually a handkerchief that's been folded under. I thought I'd try it out before I actually cut it up. Looks pretty good, but maybe I need to sew it to a white background to display it better?

Right now I'm now working on a filet crochet bedspread in ivory. I'll show those pictures when I'm finished.

Exciting, huh? Oh, the whirlwind life we live in the country!