Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Price of Makover

We've been working on our master bathroom makeover for quite awhile (read years here). It just seems to go on and on and ON AND ....
But I thought I'd give you a teensy, teensy glimpse at the progress. This is how the master bath looked when we bought our house. Pretty uuuuugly, but it had possibilities.

This is the direction we're moving (courtesy of some unknown person with wonderful taste on Rate My Space)

The cost of getting there??
$150 for Jacuzzi whirlpool (thru a classified ad --a $3000.00 2-person Jacuzzi that was in perfect condition .... SCORE!)
$75 for 3 new light fixtures (on closeout at Lowe's)
$35 for paint (on sale)
$100+ for wood and molding
And ...... it looks like maybe $218 for masking tape??

And just forget about the cost of sore knees (ever painted baseboards BEHIND the porcelain bus?) and aching muscles. Maybe I need to start yoga again because I really needed the flexibility today. I ended up scooting around the bathroom on my patootie (felt like a doodlebug) to get the baseboards painted in a bright white. Poor DH kept making Michelangelo remarks because he was painting the crown molding. It's not the Sistine chapel, but oh my poor baby!
And we're not finished yet ... DH found some great travertine on closeout at the Home Depot last weekend, so we've got a much needed counter replacement in our future ... and perhaps new sinks, etc ... and we're thinking about tile around the top of the shower to match the tile around the Jacuzzi .... BUT that's part of Phase III. I'm just glad we're ALMOST finished with Phase II of the everlasting quest for the perfect master bath. I'll post pictures as soon as Phase II is complete.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Little Kitty Heaven

Ran across this blog and just had to share her great idea for a cat bed.

This is what it looks like from the outside -- a suitcase with feet.
This is what it looks like on the inside. She's made a wonderful reversible cushion for the bottom, a teensy matching pillow and a gallery of cat pictures!
This is what it looks like with the occupant curled up inside -- without the cushion she lovingly -- and painstakingly -- made!
LOVE IT! Looks like her cat loves it too.