Friday, June 5, 2009

Sister's Weekend 2009 Part 1

Just a quick blurb about the wonderful time we had on Sisters Weekend 2009 at Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This was the front porch of our lovely cottage. While we were snapping various group photos on the front porch (oops-- I didn't get any!) Ginger began to sing, "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, ...." Laughing, laughing all weekend!

The first afternoon, we sat outside on one of the stone patios. So charming! This is Nancy looking down to the patio.

The next morning we all went for a walk. We noticed several houses that had these witches hat roofs. I've never seen anything like it before. It's copper topped, which is very interesting.

We bought 2 day trolley passes and rode the trolley as much as possible. It was a great bargain and the trolley drivers were so nice. At least I thought they were nice until one of them called ahead to the station to warn them we were coming! What was THAT about!
Because Eureka Springs is very vertical (in the mountains, narrow streets, lots of S curves) we rode the trolley to the top of the hill in the shopping district and then walked/shopped our way down the hill. Very interesting shops. And street musicians. And restaurants.

We felt that family was with us all weekend, because we kept seeing their names everywhere. If you look closely at the pastor's name, it's the same as our oldest brother!
One of our walks included going to breakfast at Myrtle Mae's (great food!) and I saw this funny sign in a yard on the way back. Vintage humour!

Although we didn't eat at Gramma's Beans and Cornbread, we have fond memories of our last trip. Our "public singing career" started here! We have a tendency to do drive-by singings at absolutely no provocation or invitation! LOL!

We went to Pine Mountain Jamboree again -- loved it on the last trip. The new show was totally different from our last trip, but it was utterly enjoyable. There were lots of songs we could sing to and the entertainers were fabulous.
During the intermission some of the performers come out to chat with the audience. Billie bought some souvenir "hats" that look almost like a vase until you push it down onto your head. Then it looks like a pith helmet. However, when she tried it out on her own head, she couldn't get it to stay on -- it would just POP off -- almost FLY off -- everytime she pushed it down. One of the performers laughed so hard at her efforts, he had tears in his eyes. Not everyone can say they go to a comedy review and entertain the comedians!

I'll post the remaining pictures soon.