Friday, April 5, 2013

April Photo Challenge - Evening

Well, it's Friday. We've made it to Friday! Woohoo!!!!

It's been a busy, busy week (as usual). You'd think that retirement would mean I wouldn't be so rushed. On the other hand my sister, Billie, has a theory about space which is also applicable to money and time. She says you should never wear elastic-waist pants because your body will expand to fill the space. And whenever someone gets a raise in salary, their spending usually expands to consume the addition. I think the same thing has happened to my time. My projects have expanded to fill the space I had. Having said that, I'm excited because I have some new miniature designs for my shop. I'll wait and show them next week.

Because NOW it's time to think about the word of the day ... EVENING.

That word brings several thoughts to my mind. Since DH and I no longer do the opera or symphony at night (Sunday afternoons are so perfect for us), our evenings are ..... aaaahhhhhh ... relaxing.

And Friday evening is especially welcome because it brings the weekend. Whether the weekend will be packed with construction projects, running errands or just kicking back in our PJ's, weekends are the reward for making it through the week. And we get to spend the time together, which is our very favorite thing to do.

Evenings in my little corner of the country start with a glorious, technicolor sunset.

Since we're foodies, our Friday-evening-celebrate-the-end-of-the-week is always special. This evening we'll dine on cheese, bread, fruit and wine. 

Recently we discovered a cheese called Cambazola, which has become a favorite. It's a mix of buttery, creamy brie and sharp gorgonzola. I can't imagine who thought of this combination, but it's wonderful! Aforementioned sister, Billie, introduced us to Humboldt Fog, which has a similar mix of creamy and sharp. The third cheese tonight will be a soft cheese studded with walnuts. We'll have crusty french bread and wine. I'll add a small dish of currant jelly to the tray tonight so we can experiment with creamy, sharp and sweet combinations. Yum!

And if it's cool tonight, we'll have a fire and kick back in our silk jammies.

Cheese and wine and jammies, oh my! Hope your Friday evening is as lovely as mine is gonna be.

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