Monday, April 8, 2013

April Photo Challenge - Share

Obviously I don't know the proper way to schedule my posts because Sunday's post didn't go until this morning. Oh, well! (Google search ... how do I schedule my posts?) I'll check that out later.

SHARE - I asked DH about the word share and he said the first thing that came to his mind was the way that he and I share with each other. Okay, I know this sort of thing just gags some people, but when we come to the last cracker (chip, cookie, morsel, whatever) of a meal or snack, we always share the last one. (I know ... aaaahhh isn't that just too sweet!)  He gives me half and he takes half. We share our concerns about everything ... kids, weather, health, family, the state of society, whatever. We share funny thoughts (we laugh a LOT). There's a constant flow of sharing back and forth, off and on all day. I guess that's the blessing that comes with a good marriage.

MY first thought of sharing had to do with a couple of kids we "adopted" through the church. They're both in South America and both in financially needy situations. Roberto is a small child and has some serious birth defects. But he has the sunniest smile you can imagine. Dayana is a teenager and very curious about the Americans who adopted her. We received a letter from her on Friday, so she was uppermost in my mind when I considered the subject of sharing.

Don't you just love that she decorated her letter with little colored flowers all over it! I did that sort of thing in the ninth grade also. And she sent us a full page of flowers she had colored. I just love that.

She's like a sponge wanting to soak up all the details our  "typical American" lives. I got such a kick out of her letter because in one paragraph she mentions that she plays soccer and wants to be a great soccer star when she grows up. Two paragraphs later she wants to become an international chef when she grows up. Gotta love the open-wide ambitions of an enthusiastic teenager.

I remember being a sponge at that age. Absorbing interesting words, non-southern accents, more sophisticated habits, and ... last but not least ... Glamour Magazine's Do and Don't fashion advice! 

Anyway, in giving her a glimpse of our lives (including some of my favorite recipes for her to try out), I guess you could say we're sharing our hearts. But make no mistake - the gift we give her is small compared to the gift of joy we receive in reading her letters.

As Martha would say, "Sharing. It's a good thing!"

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