Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Photo Challenge - Yellow

Okay, now I'm embarrassed. I got my subject days confused.
Since I covered Sharing yesterday, today I'll talk about YELLOW.

What does the word mean to me? Sunny, happy, shining.

My favorite yellow things?

Yellow golf shirts ... I have more than one because they make me feel so cheerful.

Daisies. They last a long time in a cut flower arrangement and they just keep looking so fresh.

Roses. Though I'm fond of pink roses, yellow roses are my favorites.  I usually grow Earthkind roses and there just aren't any truly yellow Earthkind roses, so currently my roses are various shades of pink. However, I ran across a list of Texas Superstar Plants which are selected by Texas A&M as being superstars in the Texas landscape and I found something called Grandma's Yellow Rose. Soooo, Mother's Day is coming?!? Hint, hint, hint. Maybe Mom needs, REALLY needs a yellow rosebush ... or two.

I currently have two Gold Coast Junipers in my front yard and I'm thinking of adding more because (1) they don't mind the heat and/or drought (2) grasshoppers won't eat them and (3) they keep color in the garden all year round. 

Have a very sunny-yellow Tuesday.

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