Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goodwill finds

Interesting day today.
Dentist appointment at 8:00 am.
Stop for a late breakfast.
Second dentist appointment at noon.
Back on the road at 4 pm. Wow! One day down the drain .... BUT! Isn't that our favorite Goodwill on the way home?!

Soooo, here are my fabulous Thursday-grueling-day-at-the-dentist-bright-spot-of-the-day fabulous finds:

A sampler cross-stitch of the twenty-third Psalm.

A vintage (heavy, heavy) brass lamp and interesting shade.

Total investment $15.00 which is more than I usually pay, but boyz-howdie do I love both of them. I'm intending to paint the frame on the cross-stitch and the lampshade needs a little glue, but all in all, I'm very pleased.

And I know just where they'll look best in my house.

Happy Thursday, ya'll!

1 comment:

TexNan said...

Great finds! Especially the sampler, though the brass lamp is cool too. Great end to an otherwise annoying day.