Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Candy

When we were kids, we hung our stockings on Christmas Eve and waited ... oh, so impatiently ... for Santa to fill them overnight.  Truly, totally just like the Christmas Story movie.

What wonder when we woke up early ... very early ... on Christmas morning. We would hurry in to check the treasures left for us. Oh, the candies in bright colors and interesting shapes. Christmas candy!

And fruit! Oranges and apples would bulge out here and there. And nuts filling out the extra spaces.

Candy and fruit and nuts, OH, MY!

These days, when I fill the stockings of our adult children (we still do that at our house), they're more likely to get Ghirardelli chocolates, nail polish, leopard patterned tissues, hand cream, tiny flashlights and other small goodies that I can fit into the stockings.

No nuts. No hard candy in pretty colors and interesting shapes. No apples or oranges.

So this year, to share that memory with the kids and start a new/old tradition, we had nuts and fruit ... and Ghirardelli chocolates ... and leopard patterned tissues. I like to think its a blend of old and new.

Maybe next year we can include some ribbon candy. Just for old times sake.

Gotta love Christmas candy.

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