Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY Shoe Freshener

I've been making "boot stuffers" for years for the many, many, many boots of my boot-collecting husband. Essentially, they're a denim tube filled with cedar shavings (hamster cage stuff). They're pretty basic in spite of the embroidery or painted enhancements I've used at one time or another. But DH loves them and they keep his boots erect which saves wear and tear on the leather. And, they keep them dry and fresh. Win, win, win.

I had the (ahem) BRILLIANT idea of making something similar for myself to keep my sneakers, etc dry and fresh. And, of course, at this time of year, that translates into gifts for the girls in our family. If I want it, they probably do, too.

So I thought about it ... a LOT. Should I make them footshaped with embroidered "painted" toenails or tube shaped? ... should I make them of denim or of something more feminine? So many options!

And here's a pretty example with a tutorial here. Nice. Feminine. Easy-peasy simple.

But DH made the suggestion of using socks. Okay. Socks are a really good idea. On the other hand, I was worried about cedar thingies trying to poke through the knit of the socks. Sooooo .... I made a muslin tube, filled it with cedar shavings, sewed it closed and put it inside the sock. I tied a ribbon around the top of the sock and I think these will make nice stocking stuffers ... ha ha. Pardon the pun.

I chose the Hello Kitty socks for my girls (see the unstuffed plain yellow socks next to the new and improved Shoe Freshener Kitty pink and green socks).

I'm liking it.


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