Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome, Sophie!

Yesterday after my hair appointment I was feeling all gorgeous and perky, so I decided to stop in at Ruth's Room - a thrift store that benefits Habitat for Humanity. For awhile now I've been looking for a new side table for the living room and I took a chance to see if they had what I want. No luck on the table, but I hit the jackpot with a lacy metal dress form. Tightwad that I am, I hesitated to pay $38.00 for something that's not a necessity, but after a very short hesitation, I plunked down my money and loaded the thing into the back of my VW. The form doesn't fold down or come apart, so getting it into the bug was easier said than done, but with some finagling (lowering the back seat and moving the passenger seat all the way up) I got it in there and brought the dazzler home. Isn't she lovely?

I'm gonna call her Sophie. I don't know why, but the name popped into my head first and I can't get it out of there even by insistently repeating the names Audrey (love me some Hepburn) or Coco (love me some Chanel) or Chloe (love me some Lagerfeld). Soooo, Sophie it is!

I called DH and told him of the purchase because I felt a little guilty about the (seemingly) foolish splurge. As always (he's such an angel) he helped me find reasons it was a good purchase - aprons, totes and purses can all be displayed beautifully on it and since I'm going to re-vamp my etsy shop and will be including aprons, totes and purses, this will be a great tool. I checked prices on comparable dress forms and they start at 119.00! It was a steal at $38.00!! And I must say, now that I've got it home and draped it with an apron, it feels somehow that my business is more substantial. More than just a hobby or a sideline, it's a BUSINESS. Know what I mean?

While I was still in town I stopped by Walmart for some necessities and I hit the mother load in the close-out section. I bought 8 bottles of the Sugar-free Vanilla syrup we use in our morning coffee for a total savings of $28.64. And 3 bags of 8 O'clock Coffee beans for a total savings of $8.04. Then in the dairy case, butter was on sale so I bought 4 pounds for a savings of $4.00. That exceeds the $38.00 I spent on the Dress Form, so it feels like Sophie was MEANT TO BE in our home.

So, please welcome Sophie to our family!


TexNan said...

Hate you, hate you, hate you! I so want that. Dang, I wish we had thrift shops as good as y'all's.

Your sis, who actually loves, loves, loves you when she isn't hating, hating, hating.


Well, since I'm wanting to steal your Sumpn Sassy tag line, I guess it's okay to have a little reciprocal envy thing going on.

TexNan said...

We oughta be getting pretty good at it by now! :)

TexNan said...

BTW we can share the sassy tag. After all, aren't we Sassy family?


Seven sassy sisters for sure!