Friday, April 3, 2009

Gettin' a little ADD here!

After I finished the post yesterday -- and before I wore my patootie out running errands -- I checked to see if I could find some soap recipe's. The best I found (that would work with the Little House in the Suburbs soap re-milling technique) were from Craftbits.

Don't these sound good?

Citrus Burst
Lavender & Honey
Coconut Cream
Vanilla Rosemary
Honey Rose
Goats Milk

So, now I'm REALLY wanting to make some soaps!

However, yesterday I bought 2 books with apron patterns. I had such fun making the Debby apron (and the 50's ripply apron recently) that I can't wait to start working on some of these. They are sooooooo CAYUUTE!!!

And I also bought a reusable shopping bag when I was at the health food store. Billie has been suggesting I make some -- Arlington, Texas is going to go disposable bagless soon -- and I've already bought some great fabric, but haven't put it very high on my LIST-O-THINGS TO DO.

What to start on first!?!?! Soap, Aprons, Green bags?!

And then reality steps in and says " Mow the three acres close to the house because spring has definitely arrived and the grass is only gonna get taller." Oh, well. Later gator on the fun stuff!

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