Saturday, March 28, 2009


Although it's March 28th -- the very END of March -- and I'm in TEXAS for goodness sake which only has a blip of a winter, today is blustery and cold! The wind chill is 37 degrees and the winds are gusting to 36 mph!! BRRRRRRR!!! This is Spring????

All that cold outside and this wonderful, cheery warmth inside makes it a great day for BLOG CRUISING!!

A couple of posts ago, I touched on cupcakes and Bakerella's version of cupcakes which are balls made of red velvet cake mixed with icing, rolled into a shape and covered in a candy coating. This is her spring version of the cake balls. LOVE IT!!!!! Aren't these the cutest little chicks? Gonna try this myself next week!

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A couple of days ago I found this incredible apron on Pioneer Woman's blog. Love it so much, I've already bought fabric to make a couple of similar aprons! If you don't like to sew (and create your own patterns -- I wonder if that's why they keep calling me crazy Daisy!!) you can purchase these aprons on etsy from The Kitchen Madonna. She has some really beautiful aprons and the fabrics are great. Very flirty and fun, don'tcha think??

I think maybe I can use the bottom part of this design, add pleated ruffles and then modify the top to make it into a halter-ish tie top. I'll let you know how it goes.

If you're like me, then you love to make IT (whatever IT is) yourself - even if IT takes more effort. But even if you're not a crazy-Daisy-do-it-yourself-er -- you need to check out One Pretty Thing in my blog list or here Every day she has at least 12 project ideas with links to the directions. I've found some really good ideas on her blog, like the directions for this pin cushion caddy by Sew Mama Sew. Wish I had seen this before I made mine!!

Well, it's taken me several hours to write this post because I was cruising the apron tutorials looking for a halter apron like those from The Kitchen Madonna. Doesn't seem to be out there, so I'll definitely be making my own version. But from all that cruising, I feel cross-eyed and I missed LUNCH! How did that happen? If you've ever been blog cruising, you know exactly how it happened.

I think I'll go fix a meatball sandwich!
Have a great weekend!

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