Monday, March 2, 2009



They fall down between the sofa and the wall. Or they wind up in another part of the house --- must be my olds-heimer -- and then I can't find them. And where is the VCR remote that we rarely use???

I've had enough of looking for the remote. And I'm way-doggies tired of fishing it out of the space between the loveseat and the end table.

Soooooo, yesterday I sat down with a little muslin, a little polar fleece, the bottom half of a plastic juice jug and a little rice and -- with just a touch from my trusty glue gun --- this is what I came up with.

I didn't use my embroidery machine. I wanted to know if I could just use some freehand zig-zag for a monogram and a little freehand stitching for the quilting and I think the result was pretty good.

I made the quilted portion a little longer than the juice container so I could wrap it (and hot glue it) to the inside top and around to the bottom of the container for a neater look. When I made the wrap-around-the-chair-arm thingy I stitched two smaller pockets on either side. Then I added some grosgrain ribbon just to pretty it up, filled them with rice and hand stitched them closed. I hot-glued the covered plastic container to the flat thing and VOILA! Remote holder!!

Okay, I know not everyone wants a remote thingy sticking up on the sofa, but for me, THIS WORKS!! And I love it!


Jean Elizabeth said...

Love it, but it would end up filled with other things like toy horses or tissues or food wrappers lol. And I love anything I can make with GLUE;)

TexNan said...

I knew I cut you off in the middle of something when I got home this afternoon. So that's what it was. Cool you!

What I did for ours didn't require a sewing machine, or ingenuity for that matter. I simply faux-leathered a papier-mache box that now sits on the table between our chairs (and fauxed some scrapbook buttons to look like upholstery tacks). We never lose remotes. How'd that happen?

LittleSassySews said...

Well, like I said, it gave me a chance to try out some sewing techniques and it holds the remotes nicely. Next post is more of the juice container!! Recycle, upcycle, reuse!