Saturday, March 14, 2009


Recently I've been watching a couple of trends and I'm wondering what they mean. Are we trying to get back to the June Cleaver days? Are we longing for a time that is simpler - warmer - handmade?

One trend I've noticed is CUPCAKES. Luscious cupcakes. Big or small, you gotta love cupcakes. And you see them everywhere.

Cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. (picture from fiance2wife via google)

They show up on fabric - cute! (Robert Kaufman Sweet Tooth Cupcake Cloud Sky Fabric)

And there are even some wonderful felt cupcakes ... just for show, not for eating! This one is a pincushion. I want one of these! CUTE! (Smarmypants on etsy

Not to be the last in a trend, I've even made cake balls shaped like leetle teensy cupcakes - a recipe I got from Bakerella. They're so cute and E-E-E-E-EASY.

The other trend I've noticed is APRONS. What's with that? They're so popular -- I see them everywhere in blogland and etsy and some of them are really, really cute!
It's been years since I've worn an apron, but these are very tempting. The top one reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. The bottom one is more like Betty Grable. (boojiboo at etsy

This half apron has an interesting shape and I love the fabrics. (Fancyboutique at etsy

And I really like this one. It has martini's in the fabric and the colors are so much fun! You know I love that VW green color there! (pinkies place at etsy

Being a do-it-yourself kinda gal, I did a google search on apron tutorials and got some really good hits. At there are 102 apron tutorials (it says 52 in the title of the article, but an update shows an additional 50).

I really like the design of this one -- especially the little rounded pockets with ties at the top.

Here's an interesting pattern for an apron that converts to a bonnet. How neat is that!?! It makes me wonder if Mom ever had one like this.

This is the one I decided to try. I thought it looked pretty easy and rates pretty high on the cute scale. It's a 1951 pattern called Ripply Apron.

A couple of years ago I bought a lot of this fabric with the ice cream sundaes on it and I haven't known what to do with it. I thought it would be great for this apron experiment. I also have a bunch of green cotton in a corresponding color, so I made yards and yards of bias tape. I'll do the construction differently next time -- the ties and top of the apron will be sewn together before I add the bias tape or sew it to the apron, but all in all, I think it's a good pattern and relatively easy.

I'm thinking about doing seasonal aprons with matching potholders and towels. Sounds like fun and how very June Cleaver is that! Think I'll go bake some cupcakes!


Tami said...

bonnie grace and i stopped in sprinkles in highland park a few weeks ago to get a quick hostess gift. if you haven't been there you should go next time you're in dallas. i think amanda is hooked as well. we didn't have time to get any for ourselves, but we were craving them all day, so we went back and they had just closed! they were still inside, probably throwing away the leftovers and all we could do was stare through the window and pout. i'm still thinking about them and i didn't even taste one; just looked, smelled, and read the ingredient list. imagine what i'd be like if i'd actually eaten one. cupcakes are not just cute, they also have a darkside.

TexNan said...

You're so funny, Tami. The Dark Side of Cupcakes, sounds like a good mystery title.

And Daisy, I agree. Does seem as if we're trying to emulate June Cleaver. And why not? Except for the cleaning in high heels part, she was a pretty darn good role model. (Me, I like protagonists I can admire, liked writing them, like reading them--or watching 'em on tv, though you rarely find them there anymore.)


Tami - LOL!!! I'm going to Dallas next week for a fabric shopping trip -- look out Harry Hines Blvd ... here she comes!! -- so I was thinking I could have lunch with your Mom while I'm there. Maybe I'll have to check out sprinkles and we'll just have cupcakes for lunch. Luuuuke - I am your ..... CUPCAKE - come to the dark side! LOL!!!

Amanda said...

Sprinkles cupcakes are AMAZING... Red Velvet is my fave!