Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well … we’ve started work on the cabinets. Our plan was to get the oven space prepared by noon and then start on the cabinet changes (for the refrigerator) after lunch. Then tomorrow afternoon we can concentrate on the space for the microwave.

First there was the oven removal.

Then the microwave removal.

Cutting the new space to size. I
really should have removed those platters and bowls before DH started cutting!! Hello-o-o-o!! Sawdust!!

DH is doing all this work with me just handing him tools, shop vac, etc. I’m in the supporting role during this part of it. But when he doesn't need me so much, I've been preparing for the changes in the cabinets. I remove everything from the kitchen cabinets. EVERYTHING.

And I numbered the doors just in case we have to remove them.

We moved the dining table next to the wall, stored the chairs out of the way, I loaded the table with dishes. I couldn’t help but notice some things about which I had forgotten.

Some are keepers. Good coffee cup ... cheerful.

This little silver creamer needs a good polish, but it has really good lines.
This little mid-centuty cup is perfect for tea.

And some things I found are definitely not keepers. A frog on the rim of my cup is not my taste. Totally. Not. My. Taste. I promise I didn't buy this. We received two of them as a gift. This is a really good time to PURGE.

Well, it’s after 2PM and … having worked straight thru lunch … we’ve almost finished with the oven part of the day. I’m still hopeful we won’t be up at midnight finishing the second part of our day.

Wish me luck!

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