Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update again

Can you tell I'm excited!!! Two posts in one day?!? New kitchen!! HA!

While I was busy wrapping presents (and drinking wine) in front of the fire ....

DH was installing the double oven. WOW!! No doors on it yet, but ... WOW!!

Re: the presents, I'm re-using the monogram tags I made last year. While the kids were opening presents, I asked them to return all the tags. I like the way they look and will probably continue using them for awhile. Below is the info from last Christmas (since I don't know how to do that "HERE" thing and I don't have time to learn it right now ... did I say I'm BUSY?!).

"Since our kids come here for Christmas, any gift we put under the tree is obviously from us, so there's no need to say To: (child's name) From: Mom & Dad over and over again. Just the To information is important. As a result, I decided to do a real simple design. I cut some circles from red cardstock and used white paint (the kind that comes in a bottle with a teensy tip) and I put white dots all around the outer edge of the circle. Then I printed a monogram that I got from Martha here http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/article/click-print-monogram-labels?backto=true and printed them on white cardstock. I cut out the white circles and glued them to the red circles. You can see how imperfect the circle and dots are."

But .... I think they look classy on the packages. Last year ....

This year ...

Christmas blessings to you all.

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