Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kitchen Update

Just a really quick update on the changes in our kitchen. DH and I have been busting our behinds to get everything ready for our new appliances. Poor DH worked late last night to get the cabinets ready. We're about to leave for our second trip (today) to the hardware store. That's a bigger deal than it might seem. The closest hardware store (because we choose to live in the quiet, unpopulated countryside) is almost 45 minutes away. So a trip to town takes awhile.

Anywhoo, here's the project update. My just-delivered appliances currently reside in the dining room. HA! I'm sure it will only take a little while to get them all in place. RIGHT! HA!

Quick note. Check out the eat sign in the upper right corner of the picture. My sister, Nancy (aka TexNan aka Sump'n Sassy) made that for me. It's made of white buttons on a checked background that matches my curtains PERFECTLY.

I am sooooo blessed!

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