Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Step Away!

Today I'm taking a day off from etsy & ebay. Well, not completely. I have to ship 4 things out this morning from ebay sales. And I've got 1 private sale and another interested party on etsy, so I'll have to check emails from them.

OOH! I just got an email from the first rug I shipped out. It was the pink/rose/red victorian style.

I left feedback this morning for the rug I recently purchase from you. This piece is so wonderful--thank you so much for making it. I could not be more pleased, and hope that you will have other rugs available at some point. The workmanship and quality is incredible. I have already placed it in the english tudor house I am working on--it fit perfectly. Warmest wishes from a VERY satisfied customer.

Well, THAT made my day! I hope it's not rude to post it here, but it's exactly the encouragement I've been needing.

DH asked me this morning why I'm still putting so much effort into etsy and not into ebay. The ebay items are moving fast and etsy is s-l-o-o-o-o-w. I guess I'm counting on etsy to pay off in the long run. I think people have shops they frequent and I'm hoping mine will become one of the popular shops with repeat business. But it takes a little time to get it going. In ebay, you've got a quick shot at a larger audience, but they haven't a clue about who you are and what you're likely to produce. And with ebay they probably don't keep coming back to see what new interesting things you've added to the shop. Also, ebay is more expensive and it feels like there's a lot more effort required. You have to pick the best time to place your ebay ad so people on boths coasts can get home from work to buy your item before it closes.

Perhaps I'm wrong about the repeat customer thing -- only time will tell, but for now I'll just keep putting items in both places.

I have what I think is a really good idea for a signature handbag -- Sumpn and Oddly agree with me that it could be a popular seller, but that will have to wait for tomorrow. Today is all about working outside because the WEATHER IS GOING TO BE GREAT TODAY! Lots of sunshine and the temp will be in the 70's, so I'm going to mow and work in the flowers beds and cover the boats for winter, etc etc etc. Tomorrow will be cold, so indoors will be fine for tomorrow, but today is going to be my day to do the outside things and step away from the computer. As Alton Brown says "Step away from it. NO don't touch it! It'll be okay. Just walk away!" Of course, he's not talking about the computer .. I think it was bread dough ... but its the same principle.

Today I'm taking Alton's advice and stepping away from it.

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