Monday, November 17, 2008


On my early morning conference call with sisters, Sumpn Sassy and Oddly Sassy, they recommended I create a blog re: my ebay & etsy efforts. Great idea! So here I am.

Today I've scheduled myself to finish a few projects I started a couple of weeks ago: (1) boot buddies, (2) Naughty or nice? tissue cozy and (3) tiny birdhouse a la Mackenzie Childs.

On Saturday my DH (dear husband) and I went shopping and got a good start on Christmas presents. We ended up in the Barnes & Noble Starbucks with a Caramel Macchioto (so long diet!) and biscotti. I was checking out a couple of felting books and in one I saw this cute little felted bird. It inspired me to consider doing a felted bird for the birdhouse described above. Time will be the deciding factor.

I'm on a tight schedule today and my calendar is already reminding me that I have to remove the plastic covering over my precious tomato plant. Gotta get up and move.

Have a wonderful - fruitful - Monday

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