Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, I'm just chugging along. Why is it that everything takes longer than it should? Yesterday I had a schedule set for my "work day" and I thought it was pretty reasonable. NOT! I did finish the boot buddy -- that's the easy part. The hard part is finding the right setting to photograph the item (several attempts before you even get close), tweaking the photo in photoshop, writing the ad, re-writing the ad, tweaking the ad, etc etc etc. So finally you look up -- it's 2:30 and you forgot about lunch -- all you've had today is a granola bar and a cup of coffee! DURN! Did it again!

Sooo, TODAY I will work on the Naughty Nice cozy and re-do the pictures for my existing cozies. My mentors, Sumpn and Oddly, agree with my ideas about how to stage the cozies to make them more appealing.

And my DH had a great idea about a new banner for the etsy shop, so I'll work on that.

AND I've got to mail some things out today for ebay. Why is ebay selling faster than etsy? It's got to be something to do with having a larger ebay audience. Also, since etsy has a lot of creative folks as members, they're like me and think they can make it themselves.

Evidence of that creative confidence is currently residing in my ears. This morning while DH was getting ready to brave the Dallas commute, I made some earrings! I bought the turquoise glass from the Rock Barrel in Dallas when I was there a couple of weeks ago. I got the earwires from Hobby Lobby and the gold filled half-hard wire from etsy. It took about a half an hour to make them. I don't think they're good enough to sell on etsy, (I have a really high standard for what I sell -- I have a Mary-Poppins-practically-perfect-in-every-way mentality for what I sell or give as a gift), but I think they're good enough for me to wear. It's not like someone is going to take a magnifying glass to them when I'm out and about and say "These are not perfect"! So I think they'll do just fine for my needs. And it cost less than $1.00 to make them. I wear a lot of turquoise, so they'll be perfect for me!

Gotta put the pedal to the medal. Much to accomplish today!


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