Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chez Johnson

I'm not a perfectionist. Honestly, I'm not!
But sometimes when I set out to do something -- like give the kitchen a thorough cleaning, I get completely sidetracked and do one little thing ... perfectly! And the original task can go to h&ll in a handbasket. On the other hand, sometimes the resulting "perfection" is a fun little project. Okay, the kitchen's not perfect, but doesn't my recipe box look great now?! Know what I mean?

Well, the recipe box is in fact the subject of today's post. About a year ago I created a recipe card template for my favorite recipes and I've been moving them from all the scraps of paper and tons of bookmarked cookbooks to my recipe template in an effort to organize them. What I really want is ONE place to find all our favorite recipes -- and a few recipes that sound good and will hopefully become favorites. This is how my template (plus a favorite recipe) looks:

Recently I found a metal recipe box for $1.00 at a thrift store and at first I thought I would paint it, but I decided to paper it instead. It was originally drab olive khaki (no before picture - sorry) and now it's all perky and blue. LOVE IT!

Have a perfectly wonderful day!


Jean Elizabeth said...

I like it! I find myself a little perfect like you......oh well. Maybe I should stop organizing my thread and floss and start tackling the big stuff.

Daisy J said...

Well - we don't need to get too carried away with the whole BIG stuff thing ... do we? Sometimes good enough is exactly that ... good enough!