Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bedroom Freshen UP

I was tempted to call this a bedroom makeover, but it's not a makeover - it's just a change. So I'll have to call it a Freshen Up.

Years ago (when I got my tax return - cause Lord knows my budget is usually tight) I bought a bed-in-a-bag sort of thing that I had been coveting. And we've been using that same comforter, etc for years. However, when DH and I bought a new pillow-top mattress a few years ago, suddenly the old comforter was too small to cover everything and the sheets were peeking out at us.

As a temporary (temporary as in - we've had it for 3 years now) stop-gap, I purchased a wheat-ish sort-of-matching satin-ish coverlet and shams. It coordinated with the old bedskirt & shams and it covered everything that needed to be covered. That's really all I was looking for at the time.

But I've been getting very tired of the same-old-same-old olive & wheat blah-blah-blahs!

So I made a little cranberry shrug for the throw pillow in the hopes of breathing some life into the arrangement. It was ...... okay ...... but still not what I wanted.

Then I found a bedskirt and shams at the thrift store in a taffeta (don't think it's silk, but it IS silky) and I loved them. The shams were $5.00 each and the bedskirt was $15.00. And there was a throw pillow in a corresponding palette for $5.00. It's a down pillow with a hidden zipper and the fabrics all have a good body to them, so I know they're high quality items, but there was no label in any of them.

So, here's my before with the olive and wheat blah-blah-blahss brightened (a little startlingly) by the cranberry shrugged throw pillow.

And here's my new color palette! It's sort of soft sagey/gray/blue with wheat and gold.


Whatcha think?

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TexNan said...

Beautiful! But I'd like a pic of the whole thing, comforter, bedskirt and all.