Saturday, July 17, 2010

Idle Hands

Sorry it's been so long.

First I was busy busy busy, then I caught a bad cold, but I'm better ... not good, but better. I'm the type of person (some would say A-type) who can't just sit and vegetate, but I still don't feel well enough to do anything really energetic. What to do about those IDLE HANDS?!?

Some time back I ordered a miniature double bed (about 5 ½ by 6 ½ inches) and it arrived while I was still feeling awful.. When I began to feel better I decided to some hand stitching for my little bed.

I made sheets and pillowcases with hand embroidery. A little crude, but not bad as a first draft.

Then I crocheted a blanket from some petitpoint wool I had in my stash.

Later on I crocheted a little table topper using all-purpose sewing thread for a bedside table. I didnt' do this from a pattern, I just sort of played around with it until I got it the size I wanted. I've got some ideas about refining this pattern.

Then, for a bedskirt, I digitized a design using French lace as an example. A couple of days later, I stitched it out. Although I think it's not bad as a first attempt, I'll play around with the design a little bit and use a paler thread next time.

Yesterday I made a round bedside table. I used an empty thread spool and a big bolt (for weight), (I have to say a big THANK YOU to DH for allowing me to raid his hardware stash). Then I glued a couple of cardboard rounds together and hot-glued them to the top. Thank God for hot glue! Then I made a long tablecloth by hemming a round of batiste and added the crocheted topper.

I also made another set of teensy sheets (using my sewing machine this time) to put in my etsy shop.

All in all, I'm pleased with the end result.

I think my miniature bedroom is coming together pretty well.


TexNan said...

Gorgeous! I thought the blue was machine stitched. Wish you'd made it where I could click it bigger and look at the detail. I'm loving it!

Glad you're feeling better. Are we on for Monday?


I'm on for Monday! I've really been missing our "Morning Show". HA!

Amanda said...

That is fantastic! I have to say that last picture does creep me out just a little bit... You absolutely cannot tell it's miniature! I love it :-)