Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wrap and ribbon center

I don't have a wrapping center, but I'd love to have one. Centsational Girl made a new gift wrap / ribbon center for herself and I love it - I'm in deeeeep envy.

But I don't think it will work for me and here's why. I have way-doggies more paper and ribbons. I mean WAY-DOGGIES more.
I usually store my wrapping paper in these boxes ... all standing at attention like long skinny soldiers, jammed together like sardines. It's not elegant, but it works.

During the holidays, this was how I stored the holiday paper. It kept the paper handy and it's not as ugly as a Craftsman weed-whacker box!

This is how I've been storing my ribbons.

So many ribbons.

A veritable mountain of ribbons.

Okay, maybe it's a leetle teensy obsession.

SIGH. I luv me some ribbons.

Sooooo - I think maybe something between Martha (picture below) and CG would work for me - basically - big honking frame with rods for the ribbons.

And I think maybe something like this under-the-bed arrangement I found on Apartment Therapy would work for the paper. Looks neat. And it's not a weed-whacker box.

Whatcha think?


Amanda said...

Forget JoAnn's! I'm coming to YOUR house the next time I need ribbon! :-)

I agree with you... The first organizer doesn't hold near enough... I guess you could put your current faves in the organizer to get to easily and keep the reserves in the weedwacker boxes, but that probably defeats the purpose, huh? :-)

I read/heard somewhere that Candy Spelling (Aaron Spelling's wife) had an entire room just for gift wrapping... Love it! And love you! :-)

TexNan said...

I thought I had a lotta ribbon! Check out this blog

That's how I'm gonna arrange mine as soon as I find those clothespins. She says she got them at Dollar Tree and since we don't have one of those around here I had to wait until we went to Austin--and that store didn't have any. In a couple of weeks though, I'll be going with Ginger to her groin-ocologist and the dr's office is really close to one of the best DT's I've ever been to. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Amanda -- I actually have more ribbon than I've shown here! I didn't realize how much I had until I pulled it out to do this post. No wonder my guest room is in such a state!!

TexNan -- I checked out the link you suggested -- very interesing. I don't think it would work for some of them (some of them are 20 yards and that's a lot of ribbon to put on a clothespin). But it might work for some of them. I already have the clothespins, so I think I'll try that out-- I'll let you know how it works. BTW happy hunting at DT.