Sunday, December 6, 2009

Once Upon a Christmas

I'm attempting to attach music to my blog.

Guess I put it in the wrong place!! Oh, well.
Since it wound up here in my post I'll just leave it while I'm figuring this thing out.
You can click the start button above and listen to a lovely song (Selah with Dolly Parton) while you enjoy a few family Christmas pictures from this weekend.

After looking the pictures over again, I realized they're almost all of sweet Maxton! Oh, well, he was probably the cutest one there -- enjoy!

Maxton and the train. Hmmm .... interesting!

Hey! Where did it go?

It went down that way!

Wait, there it is again!

Oh the wonder of a little boy and a model train.

And the discovery of a piano. I think a little boy should help the song a little bit down there on that end of the piano. Makes the song better!

A little solo performance by Max. First the "warm-up"

The triumph of success! Give yourself a good hand, sweet boy.

All in all it was a wonderful day for the whole family.


TexNan said...

Thanks for posting these, Daisy. So sorry I had to miss the party, but it looks like y'all had fun. Alice seems to be having a ball with Maxton!


And I just received the silk you sent .... GORGEOUS! And a special thanks for the wool. I love surprises!

We missed you, but we sang "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" just for you. Made me tear up because you weren't there to hear it.

Miss you.